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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Compete?

The Funny thing about kettlebells is that they have a pretty sharp learning curve.. In other words a guy that is not that strong or fit that has some basic understanding of the bells can make a much stronger fitter guy look like a weakling... It is this buffer zone that keeps some rather unimpressive characters in there jobs as Instructors... But what usually happens is the stronger guys gets embarrassed or frustrated, dismisses the weaker man as jerk, kettlebells as foolish device and moves back to his comfort zone...
Now that Kettlebell competitions are starting to pop up all over the US.... You wuld think that we would see these instructors jump at the chance to test themselves against other people that would be considered more equal to there skills with the kettlebell... Yet we are not seeing this stampede to the platforms??
Competitions are the real measuring stick for your training... Things happens in competition that you just cannot prepare for in your safe little training place... The bell handles are different, the air is different, it is too hot or too stuffy, you had to eat inferior food... you are lifting at the time they tell you and it is not the normal time you lift... it is too loud, you forgot your shoes, you cannot hear your counter, your practice pace was fine at home but now it feels like you might Poop in your pants... you warmup was too short or too long... you are dehydrated from the plane didnt sleep at the hotel... You had to make weight and now your ready for a nap and you lift on the next flight... The bells you are warming up with fell heavy.. holy crap! If the ligth ones are heavy what are my competition bells going to feel like? I think I need to go to the bathroom again.... WHere is the bathroom? Did I drink too much coffee or not enough? Good thing I brought my lucky socks... Should I call my girlfriend? What if my Lockouts stink? Will this be on youtube? What if I tank? I should have trained more/ less.. why did I eat mexican last night... I am gassy... Whew... I am on deck....
These are the type of things that only Occur if you step out of your comfort zone and expose who you are... not to the World, but to yourself...


  1. Geesh CDuff you talk like you done this stuff before! Good Blog.

  2. Lets not forget the almighty...did I just inhale a mouthful of chalk on my first clean...bastard!

  3. @ Mike Ya couple of times... haha good luck next weekend BTW..

    @ Will... Ya you only do that Once!!

  4. you know what though your encouraging words on the platform always made me center my thoughts. The most important thing to up there is RELAX! Chris it was great hanging with you in San Fran. look forward to see you again.

  5. Thanks Henry.. I look forward to seeing you in NY...

  6. Great blog post! I think to be great in any sport, activity, or facet of life - you must ADAPT and ADJUST to whatever the circumstances, whatever the situation, and perform. There are so many things you just can't predict or prepare for 100%. Those that can remain flexible, take it as it comes, and run with it are ready for anything!