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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recognizing Progress...

For me progress doesn't come the way I expect it to... I have found that most often, things that I'm NOT focussed on improving somehow get better when Im not directly obsessed with them....I will give and example... I really want to get my snatch numbers up, I called my Coach and he tells me that I need to do a lot of swings.. I say what does that mean exactly.. he goes 25 sets a week.. I say 25 sets a week? Thats crazy!! But I started working up to it.. I started doing 1 set after my snatch set every day.. 5 days in a row... the next week 2 sets of 30/30 swings and so on until week 5, I was doing 5 sets of 30/30 swings...(this was no joke btw) I kept waiting for my snatch numbers to explode... It didn't happen... actually what happened was my jerk numbers started to really take off ? The swings strengthened my wind and my back... the first place this showed up was on jerks.. I have no idea why, but after I was done with this cycle of swings, my snatch did improve... it took some time for the training to "sink in"..

Progress comes in many different ways, quality of movement, and ache or pain that used to drive you nuts disappears , you are more composed during your set... Better conditioning, stronger... Just feeling and moving better...SO just because you aren't getting the progress where you think it should be... look around, I bet is isn't too far...

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