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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting ready to get ready

I have a friend that used to be a ferocious bike racer... I was amazed at his ability to win races and make very difficult things looks effortless... I remember in the beginning of the season I would ask him if he was training yet... He always said the same thing..."well, I'm just getting ready to get ready"... When I asked him what the heck that meant was he would say, "well I pumped up my tires today"... "Or I rode on my rollers for 6 minutes today"... I was surprised by these
Answrers and I thought he was just acting foolish. But what this guy was doing was just what he said he was doing... He was getting back into the rhythm of training by taking small, seemingly non threatening steps to develop the daily ritual of training again... This guy is a great example that getting back into training should not be a drastic shift... But rather a
Small painless step into the right direction... Once he started getting on his bike he would ride it everyday for 6 minutes... and build from there... Good guy... Great example that small actions are much more effective than huge thoughts.

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