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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mental Tricks

Some days I really don't feel like training. I wake up in the morning and I am thinking about the session I have looming over my head...I know it is not going to be fun, I tell myself that it is not here yet... worry about it later... That usually works until about Lunch time... It is funny, I seem to get crazy around feeding time... Sometimes I tell myself that I will skip lunch and that way i will be able to get my sets behind me earlier... If I am not careful, this could be a tragic mistake. If I do not make myself eat at midday.. I will have to eat later.. close to training time and I find it best to train with a pretty empty stomach.. Like 3 hours after I eat seems perfect... So another trick is to make sure I eat a good lunch, nothing crazy or unusual... Simple is best, and eating a little less than I normally do is also a good Idea...
After lunch I feel better about training and I can relax a little bit...I like to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon to give me a little boost before training, this helps... But again I need to pay attention to the time, after 3 O'clock and it will effect my sleep...
My sets are getting closer, and closer, When I get in the house.. (I train at home) I get right into my lifting clothes... Despite the feelings of... "this is going to suck" thoughts that are swarming around my cerebral cortex.... I tell myself that I am just putting my shoes on... it is all part of it, This is not hard yet... Relax... We're all friends here... I then go into my room with my ipod.. I put on some kind of music and start moving around... I am in my training room, I have my stuff on, and maybe my head is still not right.. I do some stretching, this feels good, I do some jogging in place, this heats me up a little... I pick up a light Kettlebell... This feels good... My head is now relaxed, I am doing what I like to do... I warm up and start to think about my main sets... Now I am less afraid and more excited... My shirt now has some sweat on it... I have gotten the creaks out of my shoulders and Elbows... I am chalking my hands and setting my clock... I still have some fear, but what the hell.. I'm in my costume and I stink....might as well jump all the way in now...


  1. I asked Valery once if he used to get nervous before training and he said yes he did, because he knew how hard it was going to be.

  2. Touche' CDuff ! I've always thought this sport was a big head game. (Wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't )