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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big Picture

When talking with people I have Coached, often times they will come to me complaining about Lack of progress... I then have to start asking questions about what else is going on in the persons life. Invariably, we find that there are other "stressors" in the picture... What is amazing to me is not the unavoidable things like working more, hectic life, sickness etc... it is the other self imposed stressors that the people don't think I need to know about... After all, I'm just the Kettlebell guy... Why should you tell me about the 6 runs you go for, or the 4 spin classes you do after Kettlebells... Why would I need to know that you are training for a powerlifting meet and kettlebell sport at the same time?
If you are going to bother hiring a coach, make sure they know about what you got on your plate... It matters, it is important because it effects your ability to recover and train again... nothing is more fustrating than watching somebody spin Thier wheels and get nowhere... You can still make progress but the time frame needs to be adjusted when you have multiple goals....

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