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Friday, March 18, 2011

Keeping Things Honest

The original function for a kettlbell was to act as a weight for a counter balance scale. This was a very efficient low tech way to keep Merchants and trade fair and honest. This simple idea of weighing your merchandise is still in place... The next time you go to the supermarket, take a look around at how many scales they have.. They all have to have a stamp from the City's department of weights and measure... Just like the seal you see on your Gas pumps... Simply put, it ensures that you are not getting ripped off by the Vendor.. Technology has changed with the invention of digital scales, but the principles are still the same...

Although we don't use them to weigh our goods anymore, they are still valuable for measuring what kind of Work Capacity people have... What good is it to bench 500 pounds if you can't mow your lawn, or go for walk to the park with your kids? So the kettlebells has moved from the marketplace to the Gym. It is still doing the same thing... Keeping people from being hoodwinked.
When you have a person selling their system of training or wellness, ask for videos and proof of there Results... If the goods are what they are supposed to be, it will be easy to make a decision... On the other hand if you get an attitude and answers to questions you never asked... caveat emptor

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