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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet report

Ok so I went to the WKC Long cycle championship. I am not a long cycle guy but I did do strongsport with the 44kg kettlebell.. I have been training for this for about 2 weeks... I made rank with the 36kg, then the 40kg, so I figured I would try the 44kg... It is Definetly a real difference 88 lbs to 97 lbs... Anyway I did 10/10 and felt good. I am sure with some practice I could make it shortly...
Anyway, I saw alot of new talent at this meet... Henry Marshal from Texas had a great young team of hard chargers... Keep your eye on these lifters... Especially his fiancé Maritza very tough competitor... Micheal Cricks and Jenna Brian did what they usually do... Lifted like professional... Jenna hit CMS! Great Job Complete Kettlebells! Valerie Pavlowski came and hit her rank 1 numbers without much specific training... Jen Cord made CMS numbers from the Ice chamber. Also Surya did 52/52 very classy reps with the 24kg!! She switched over to long cycle 2 weeks ago! Jennifer Hintenburg hit MS with 44/44 reps... She is the first Canadien MS! She came with a bunch of lifters that all did great work! Cyrus Peterson stepped up and competed with the 24kg and did really great for his first competition... Cyrus also had a terrific team of first time competitors... Very impressive technique! My guy Scott Tighe needed 54 reps with 24kg to make rank 1.. He did 61 beautiful reps! Then on the strongsport he did and amazing 25/25 reps with the 32kg!!
Andy Fitting made his rank with the 60kg bell.. I didn't see him lift, I was lifting next to him... Mike Sanders came and represented the North New Jersey kb club... He hit his rank 2 numbers easily, Alicia Keller hit her CMS numbers of 59/59.. Heidi Toy first time on the platform made rank 1 60/60 reps... Marty Farrel did 42 reps with the 32kgs... I'm sure
I'm leaving alot of people out... Mike and Kim Stefano ran a very well organized meet... They also had a team competing... Incredible job! These meets are a lot of work and aggrevation...
Oh boy I almost forgot Marcus Taylor and his Chocolate City kettlebell club!! This was a great time...
I'm sorry if I forgot you!

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