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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Breaking 100 jerks

A really good friend of mine called me thursday to tell me he set a new PR in jerks.. His previous Pr was 2x16kg bells in 10 minutes was 87 reps.. He did 116 in ten minutes. The first thing I said to him was.. Oh boy, let me know how your triceps feel tomorrow...
We started taking about the importance of breathing and how that was the ticket to such a big jump... So lets do the math here.. this guy weighs about 150 lbs... in 10 minutes 2x16kg bells (70lbs) x 87 reps = 6090lbs of work... basically 609lbs per minute..
the new PR is 116x70=8120lbs of work in 10 minutes... that 812lbs of work in one minute... So breathing added to his work capacity 203 lbs per minute and 2030 in overall work capacity... Yes BREATHING... Incredible!!
I got an email from him late last night telling me his Triceps are toast... It doesnt matter what bels you use.. over 100 reps is serious workload...

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