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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skill Building

The day you are all done with skill building is the day you should hang it up. Ivan Denisov told me that he is constantly thinking about how to do things better all the time. Denisov trains with light bells and most weeks he dedicates one whole training session to working on technique only. Can you imagine that? The most amazing lifter on the planet doing long cycle with a pair of 12kg? They are very light for me, what must they feel like to him? He makes them look exactly the same as the 32kg.... Everything is the same light or heavy.

Take a free lesson from possibly the best lifter ever, use the light bells to develop the correct movement patterns, always be skill building while lifting. Lighter weights remove the distraction of effort, which allows you to fully focus on improving the quality of your movement...


  1. GREAT topic, Chris. You have many posts with a high "value per words written" ratio. Very very good.