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Friday, August 31, 2012

Kettlebell Kimbo!

I am sure you remember Kimbo Slice? He took full advantage of the whole you tube phenomena... he beat up dudes in boat yards and alleys... he looked to be perhaps the baddest man on the planet... But something happened that people just didn't expect.. he got recruited into the UFC and they tried to teach him MMA but he didn't do so well... He could street fight other brawlers, but when he stepped into the arena with real fighters, high level athletes.. Kimbo not only got killed, he looked desperately helpless!

I bring this up because I do not want you to get fooled by these youtube heros that never compete anywhere... I saw a guy snatching a kettlebell the other day at like 40 rpms!! There is no way that this can be done safely or intelligently. The best snatchers in the world top out at 30 rpms?? But we are supposed to be impressed with this silly little backyard speed test?

The truth is, if they are so much better than the legit people doing the real lifts, why don't they compete with other lifters? This will never happen...Because,  they have constructed an online persona that would totally be crushed if they showed up and got "Kimboed"...
And let's face it, nobody likes to look like a tomato can!

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