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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surviving the "Dry Season" of kettlebells

If you guys ever watch the Nature channell, then you have undoubtably seen what happens in Africa when dry seasean comes... Basically as you imagine nothing grows and the many, many animals die due to lack of food, water or shade. The animals that do survive, have figured out how to make things work until conditions change.
I bring this up because if you do any sport or physical activity long enough, you are most definitely going to have periods of frustration, disappointment, and reversals. Much like the dry season in Africa, you need to learn how to hang in there until things turn around.
The biggest difference between those animals and us is, we usually bring the dry season on to ourselves. This seems crazy but in my experience it is true. I have done it to myself a few times... I had a goal and an unreasonable time table... this lead to pushing harder than I should have longer than I should have and Wham... I imploded! Now the reasons or the causes can be different but if we are honest with ourselves, we pushed our luck too long!
Why am I bringing this up? Because it is a real problem and I see and hear about lifters that are cruising along great, then all of sudden they hit the wall and never bounce back... So I want to talk about what it takes to snap out of it and get back on track...
When your training falls apart, or you get injured and you can't train, you have plenty of time to think. This is a good thing. But instead of getting down on yourself and beating the crap out of yourself for failing... again, direct your attention at what drew you to this sport in the beginning. Why do you even like kettlebells? Seriously, bringing things back to that level will help put things in focus for you!.
I do know one thing, the great lifters that I have spent time with, LOVE kettlebells... Ivan Denisov LOVES kettlebells, he will be lifting then in some fashion till the day he dies! I am sure of it, Fedor Fuglev told us that Kettlebell lifting is like a drug to him!! And he was very serious about it... Valery Fedorenko LOVES kettlebells more than anyone I have ever met.. He is always making some kind of challenge for himself.. This keeps him happy, fit and strong...
I do not want to sound all mushy here, but when the shit hits the fan and you cant make any progress no matter how hard you try, go back to having fun with a kettlebell, do some light lifting, or some juggling, Go have some fun with a kettlebell and before you know it, you will be thinking about taking another run at the platform!!

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