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Friday, August 17, 2012

Comrades.. The Party is over!!

I just read this on facebook...

Ladies and gentlemen of RKC,

Due to the differences in vision between the RKC co-founders RKC will cease to exist in its current form on July 1, 2013, the day after the last scheduled RKC event.

Power by Pavel, Inc. will continue licensing its RKC manuals and its 50% stake in the RKC name and logo to Dragon Door until that date and only for the events already announced, in order to honor the commitment to the people who signed up for these workshops. Then PBP will terminate the license.

RKC was set up as a joint venture between Dragon Door and Tactical Strength, my other company, with DD providing marketing and administration and TS providing leadership and hands on instruction.

Tactical Strength, Inc., is removing itself from the RKC operation on October 29, the day after the last RKC event I had committed to teach at.

I intend to pursue my vision of RKC elsewhere, under a different name, details to be announced in a few weeks. I am sure John will do the same and I wish him best.

Power to you!

Pavel Tsatsouline

Chief RKC Instructor

 Once people saw real kettlebell lifters on youtube, the stuff these guys did just seemed foolish if you ask me...

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