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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Offer you can't refuse!!

The WKC World Championship is a little over 2 months away!! If you are a self Coached athlete, preparing for an event like this can be overwhelming to say the least!

My offer is this, I will lay out your training sessions every week, I will review you training videos and send you detail instructions on how to fix things. You will not be getting some crazy cookie cutter program to designed to impress you academically...NO!   You will get a custom program specifically designed for your needs and goals... You will have unlimited access to me through text messaging and email for any unforeseen challenges that WILL come up!!

Here is the part you cant refuse:

If you do not achieve your goal in Chicago, you owe me nothing!! So you basically have nothing to lose... If however you do make or exceed you goals, You do owe me something... just what that is I will leave up to you! So even if you do make your goal, you decide what my help was worth.... AFTER YOU GET THE RESULTS.... 

Competing in Kettlebellsport is hard enough, do yourself a huge favor and allow me to help you! I guarantee that you will be amazed at what happens to your lifting!!

Due to the large amount of time I will be putting into these training programs, I will only be accepting a few lifters, so do not waste time if you are ready to go to work!

This is my e mail adress.... 

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  1. Congrats on a very generous offer! Awesome contribution to the sport! Thank you!