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Monday, August 20, 2012

When the numbers take over

Ok so you have some goals, and those goals have a number attached to them. Perhaps you want to make a certain rank or hit a specific number of reps with a certain size kettlebell, it doesn't matter. My point is, when trying to push for these numbers you have to be careful not to lose what got you to the level you are at now.

 I have tried to make certain levels and during my quest, the numbers take up more space in my head, technique and lifting well become less and less important... This leads to  increased stress levels and decreased relaxation during your sets... What happens is this condition snowballs rapidly... as you become less concerned with lifting well, ( I am not saying your reps have turned to crap, just kinda soften up you positions a little bit) At first this strategy works, you can get more reps if you drop it a little quicker from the lockouts, perhaps you shorten up your backswing just a touch, it's barely even noticeable... You are the only one who even knows about it!

This is called corner cutting... There is a difference between cutting corners and becoming more efficient...
Cutting corners allows you to do more in less time but your quality suffers, improving efficiency means you do more with less effort and your quality increases!

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