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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maybe you need an advanced class?

When you get sick of sucking at the basics of your sport, you should sign up for the advanced class...These are very popular these days! You will not have to look far to see somebody with a new way, or a level 2 thing happening... If you are lucky, you should get enough "advanced" materials and techniques to keep you busy for like 6 months before you realize that you are now even less proficient at the basics you were trying to avoid by going to this advanced school of buffoonery!

Don't fall for this marketing trick. It is designed to get you to believe that you are lacking vital information and once you get the real stuff they are selling, you performance will skyrocket! I have never seen this happen. So I will tell you something I heard from a guy that set me straight one day.. I was trying to convince him, to agree with me, about one of these advanced classes.... He said to me, "Maybe it's time to stop chasing rainbows, and just do some work"! 

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