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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't get mentally irregular!!

Despite doing all the correct things building up to an important competition, it is very easy to submarine yourself in the days leading up to your big day... It is normal to be nervous, in fact being nervous means you are ready! Not being nervous means that you don't care how you do... 

The week before you compete, make sure to reduce your workloads and enjoy your sets! Remember why that you started lifting Kettlebells in the first place... because you love it... Operating from this position will help remove a lot of the crazy pressure we can put on ourselves to hit certain numbers! I am not saying forget your goals, just stay relaxed, relaxed is loose, loose is fast and speed is strength!!! 

Trust your training, trust your plan, trust yourself! I have had some of the best results when the week before I was completely useless, feeling weak,  breathing off, hand position was off, rubber legs for no reason, catch is off during my snatch.... all sorts of silly stuff has happened to me... do not allow last minute sessions that suck define you as a lifter... they do not mean anything! Gotta rise above this nonsense and know that on game day you will be on! Stay relaxed and most importantly...have fun! 


  1. Good Luck this weekend Duff. Look forward to reading a report of the event on your blog next week.

  2. Thank You Matt.. I will be posting a report afterward...