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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beast of the East Report

This was IKFF meet put on by Adam Farrah. It was part of a big Crossift event at Durham fairgrounds... I am thinking that there was about 4 to 500 crossfitter competing in some sort of like Mini Crossfit games... Lot of people, lot of crazy outfits and high socks!! 
Anyway, we were lifting on an outside platform with some kind of quonset hut type covering roof system thing... It was pretty cool set up actually! we would have been in trouble if it rain though I think!!  Well, it was a beautiful day for any ind of outside event! 
This was a small meet with about 16 lifters or so... a few first timers, and some seasoned people. Adam did a good job organizing us to start at about noontime... He asked me to go over the rules and I was happy to help! I was there with some people that I coach, William Metcalf made his return to the platform after having serious Brain surgery a couple months ago... He lifted the 24kg bells and he did 115 jerks and 90/90 snatches pretty easily! Melissa Metcalf also returned to the platform after some time off after having some forearm trouble last year... She lifted the 12kg bell and did 70/70 jerks and 68/80 snatches... Scott Tighe lifted the 32kg bells and did 56 jerks and 42/50 snatches.. I lifted the 24kg bells and did 70 jerks and 60/60 snatches. Joe Egan lifted the 20kg bells.. he did 60 jerks and 110 snatches... This was a warm up for Chicago for our team and it was successful as everyone did well and didn't not get hurt! 
I always love to meet first time lifters! I really feel if you want to help this sport grow, nothing is betteer than getting out on the platform every time you can! Meet the new people and encourage them! I do not understand people who want the sport to grow but do not go out and support the events... But what do I know!!
That is about it for now... Time to get serious about the 28kg bells now!! 

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