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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Do something... even if it is wrong!!

Since I changed my working schedule, I have a had a very hard time doing anything consistent.. This is not because I do not want to train, or because I don't have any events coming up soon... I do on both counts.. My problem with hammering out a new time for training is... I think about how it is going to or how it should look... While Im figuring and planning... Days go by...days turn into weeks and weeks turn into a month... Thats right, I have been half assing it for a month now!! Today, I came face to face with the fact that I have been completely full of shit on this whole.. "figuring it out thing"... I needed to do something with a kettlebell... anything..

Here is what happened,


24kg One arm long cycle 6 minutes switch on the minute 10 rpms
2 min break
24kg One arm jerk 6 minutes one switch 18 rpms   this was no joke!!
3 min rest
24kg one arm cleans 6 minutes one switch 20 rpms   again... hard
Great Workout! Going that fast on jerks and cleans is very challenging! 

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