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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reach out!

If you are training alone for kettlebell sport competitions, you need to find some support! I do not care if it is an online coach or a facebook friend... find a person that understands what the hell you are doing to yourself everyday! Your chances of succeeding are not very good on your own. This doesn't have to cost you anything, and with facebook and stuff... it is easier now than ever...

The very first person I started to talk to about training was Jon Hoskins. He is from Ohio and trained a lot with Valery Fedorenko in the early days. I met Jon at the AKC cert I went to back in 2007. I remember thinking that he was kind of shy and soft spoken for this kind of thing... Nice guy, but not a dynamic personality... That all changed when I saw him training the next day! He was did 80 or 90 jerks with 2x24kg bells in 10 minutes..  His technique was very professional, looked very much like Fedorenko.. What a surprise...Talk soft, lift big!! I loved it! 

I reached out to Jon a few months after that cert,  all I can say is, he really-really helped me! He knew what I was going through and he also knew the right thing to say to me.. not always rosy but truthful and helpful.. I catch myself repeating stuff he told me back then... He is a Great Lifter and a very nice guy! I do not think I would have kept going without his kinds words! Thank you Jon Hoskins...

Reaching out for support was probably the most helpful thing I have done for myself. Build a support system around yourself, find like minded people doing what you are doing. These people have helped me far more than I have helped them...


  1. Thanks for finding me CDuff!! Your help in this sport has been tremendous! Thank you!

  2. Jon was my squad leader in 2008. He was the first person to encourage me to use the 8kg until my technique improved. Great advice. Love him!