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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/27&28 training

No Bells.. I joined a gym.. I have to get out of my house.. I need a change of scenery..
so I did some squats,, Light and some other general weight training... then 30 minute spinbike ride...
the New Gym is totally cool with me bringing my bells there... So, I am going to bring a couple every time I go there.. today I brought a 20 and 24kg...
my workout went like this..
20kg cleans 6 minutes 20 rpms switch on the minute
5 min rest
24OALC press 6 mins 10 rpms
5 min rest
20kg 1/2 snatch 16rpms
5 min rest
24kg OAJ 6 min 16-18 rpms
30 minutes spinkbike...

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  1. I joined a gym too. It is about 7 min from Emily's house. It is a 24 hour place with an Olympic weightlifting room (lots of platforms). So, they don't care if I bring my bells. It is making a difference in my training this winter.