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Friday, September 23, 2011

WHere did the week go?

Well, I really don't know where the week went, I started a new job and I have been really busy!! I no longer have the luxury of being a full time e heckler... The pay is crap anyway.. After getting home tonight I scanned my usual spots and I'm happy to report that the posers are still posing, the name droppers are still dropping the names and the self congratulators are still the hero of all of their own stories...

All I know is after hanging out with the best of the best last weekend, I am really motivated to get back to training. I took this week off and it felt great! I am now itchy for some kettlebelling!! Here is a video from last weekend.. this Kid is 19 years old I think.. he is the Junior WOrld Champ!! He is one of many young guns coming up through the ranks!! He did 161 jerks at this event.. In this video he is going like 20 rpms.. I didnt count them exactly but he is a monster!!

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