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Monday, September 26, 2011

Things are different on Game Day!

Here is a Video Of Scott doing 94 reps snatch at the IUKL meet 2 weeks ago. In training his best result in snatch was 10 minutes 60 left 58 right for a total of 118 reps. Now if you figure it out on paper he should have easily broke 100 reps based on his training numbers... But training at home where you create the optimal conditions, more often than not, these numbers are not doable on the platform.  Competitions force you to operate outside of your comfort zone, different bells, game day nerves, different temperatures than you are used to, brighter lights, a million things that never even occur to you at home... This is a fantastic set due to the fact that Scott hit a PR on jerks before this set of 61 reps... He competed in the 73kg weight class... 1 year ago he was lifting the 20kgs! Truly amazing!!


  1. Great progress due to great coaching

  2. Wow! What technique!!! So smooth! Congrats Scott and Duff.

  3. I'm currently on the 20 kg 'bells, so this is inspirational.

    Just shows where hard work will get you.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of programming did you use - that outlined in the WKC Sport Cert?

  4. Nicholas,
    Sorry for not responding sooner.
    Before we talk about programming, here a few things you should know about Scott. First of all, he has the perfect temperment for this sport, also he is a natural athlete and he is young.. 24 years old. He is very driven and most of time I have to restrain him from over doing it. He follows my workouts to the T, he has no ego around this stuff, so he asks questions all the time... we are in close contact a few times a week about what how his sets are going...
    We do not have any kind of formal periodization scheme.. like perhaps the Tudor Bompa type thing... I would not call his progression linear either... We build his training around his goals and how his body responds to the stress of his training... (also... technique is always the most important thing)

    Money sets and the Fedorenko method are the basis of his training. He started out doing the basics, 5 days a week- jerk 5 to 7 minutes OAJ 15-20 reps one bell heavier and then 6 to 8 minute snatch set and set of swings after that... he made amazing progress on this program... As he got used to training 5 day in a row, I started introducing heavier bells one day a week, then to offset the heavier days, he had easier days... even though he might be lifting lighter bells, the focus is still making the money set even if it is not very hard usually... Sometime after a hard day with a heavier bell, the lighter day can be more challenging because of the pre fatigue/soreness you have from the day before..
    I think the Money sets-Fedorenko method has gotten a bad rap online from the kettlebell academics out there! It is simple and brutally effective, where people get into trouble is deluding themselves about plugging in the foolish numbers. Listening to your body and not overstepping your limits is the key to making this work... It requires an objective person to help you with this I think... I have trouble with programming myself but I have no trouble at all laying out what needs to happen for my lifters...
    Also, as a guideline, we used the WKC ranking system as the measuring stick for progress... So even though his snatches are better than his jerks, I held him back on snatches until his jerks caught up....