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Thursday, May 24, 2012

More new secrets...

Nice to see some new Kettlebell "Champions" busting out the new "secrets" for incredible results!!  As luck would have it, the workshops are now available to the future World Champs.. (this means you).... But hurry as space is limited and this offer is too good to miss... So far we have invited 59,000 people on facebook... right now we have 58,961 waiting to respond 22 maybes, 13 not sure, and 1 confirmed (if the card goes through)... see the pay pal link to send the money... also if you are going by my Mom's house (World Headquarters for my extreme mma school, O lifting, Powerlifting, and kettlebell bootcamp ) on the way to VFW hall, where this course is being held... could you pick me up, I need a ride... As an added bonus,  you will get free secrets as we go through the drive through at dunkins!! You are welcome!

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