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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How about when things go right?

One of the hardest things for me to handle is when things go right! I know how to grind through workouts that start out shitty and get worse from there. I know what its like to wake up in the morning dreading my workout that evening... all day worrying about how much it is going to suck.... I have found myself, during the day floating in and out or conversations because of the set that is looming later in the day!!

This is sick! I am not stranger to taking the long way home in order to delay my pain! This is normal to me!!  I am ok doing this.. I guess it is just part of my "process".. Hahaha..

Every once in while though, something completely unexpected happens... After putting myself through all of this mental drama, I get to a point where, doing it and dealing with the failure is less painful than the mental torture I have happening in my squash! 

OK, I am looking forward now to getting my ass handed to me..(again) and then when I start to do the set, things don't seem so bad, in fact... things seem pretty good! I am breathing correctly, my legs are working, by back doesn't hurt... Holy shit!! I am having a breakthrough!! The pace that usually kills me seems kinda slow today?? I just whistled past the point where the reps usually get ugly, Like nothing.... The Kettlebell weighs the same as always, but today it seems "nicer"... Basically, the mental pain was harder to deal with than the physical pain of actually executing the lift!

One time I started a snatch set and things were going great, I was catching the bell perfectly, my backswing felt natural, I was landing the bell in the sweet spot every rep... I actually got spooked and stopped the set for no other reason than it was going too well?? This has happened to me a few times...
So I have learned to not question when progress shows up.. Just take it when it comes and do the math later! Just be grateful and "KEEP GOING" because moments like this are rare... So again, take it when it comes... however it comes... Could be a while til happens again!! 

Things do change overnight, you just do not which night!


  1. Haha I couldn't agree more this is exactly how I have felt these past two weeks

  2. This is one of my favorite posts about GS of all time! It's SO funny and poignant! You're right about feelings of failure being the norm in this sport so when things turn in a positive direction suddenly, it does get internalized as fleeting, painfully unfamiliar, and even confusing. Spooked was the perfect word!