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Thursday, March 1, 2012

2/28-29-3/1 training

Ok here it is...
Tues 2/28
20kg snatch 10 minutes 18 rpms... this was good.. After I lokked at the video.. I lost a couple reps each side.. that is a lot of counting...
28 swings 30/30 x2

10,000 meter row.. 46:11 seconds  this was a tough... I wore my HR monitor but at like 23 minutes I went to look at it and accidently reset it.. so it took my like 30 seconds to reset and figure it all out... any way the first section my av hr was 144.. the second section half my av HR was 170 and the max was 190!! I was happy with that...

2x20 jerk 2 minutes 10,10
2 min rest
2x24 jerks 5 minutes 8 rpms
2 min rest
2x26 jerk 2 min 8 rpms
2 min rest
2x28 jerk 2 min 8 rpms   hard!
2 min rest
2x20 jerk 8 rpms
bike ride on trainer for 20 minutes easy...

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