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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

International Friendship Tournament Part 2


International Friendship Tournament of Kettlebell Lifting
Summer Series Part 2
August 4, 2013
Welcome to international tournament for the benefit of friendship and professional development in the sport of kettlebell lifting.
Part 2 of the Summer Series will determine an Absolute Champion in each of the following categories:
Long Cycle 12kg
Long Cycle 16kg
Long Cycle 20kg
Score: Clean & Jerk = 1 point
Long Cycle 16kg
Long Cycle 20kg
Long Cycle 24kg
Score:  Clean & Jerk – 1 point
There are no body weight classes for this tournament. One Absolute Champion will be awarded per Kettlebell weight category.

Enter your Name, Kettlebell you will be competing in and email.
there is a $25. fee for judging your videos and posting your results. You will also receive a certificate of your placing afterward!


  1. Melissa Rasey - Long Cycle 12kg -

    Punch Gym, Sarasota - Coach: Jay Trunzo

  2. Dorian Leaman - Long Cycle 12kg -
    Ryan Leaman - Long Cycle 16kg -
    KOAFIT, Stafford, VA

  3. Tom Becker - Long Cycle 16kg -

  4. Victoria Butler
    Ladies Long Cycle 12KG

    Punch Sarasota Florida, Coach Jay & Karen Trunzo

  5. Chris Spontak
    Men's Long Cycle 16kg