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Friday, April 27, 2012

Some thoughts about programming

The biggest mistake you can make as kettlebell lifter is to blindly follow some high level lifter's training program. How the Eeeeelite train and how you train are not even close! 

I just spent the weekend with Fedor Fuglev. No doubt one of the best to ever step on the platform. Now how he trains and how you should train are not even close. This guy is one seriously crazed athlete... I mean that he is all about winning and will whatever it takes to win... He is wired that way mentally! Most of us are not that driven or crazed.. For example...He said to us over the weekend that he wanted to learn how to flip a 32kg kettlebells 3 times and catch it... 1 time is easy, 2 flips is harder but not that bad... 3 flips is another matter altogether...anyway he practiced this for 9 hours until he got it!! He hands were bloody and torn... But he made his goal happen... Now this is the type of mentality that this guy has, so he can train however he wants, on game day he is not going to win based on his programming! He is not going to be standing on platform thinking... "I should have ran more" or "I wish my Fran time was better" He is thinking, " I will die before I lose"... That is not something you will pick up through programming! 

Most American lifters are full of shit when it comes to Programming! They wanna debate how this guy does it and how this guys does it... It doesn't matter how they do it... It takes years to develop the tendon strength and skills to do the volume that they do with the loads they handle... 

Stop worrying about your victory speech and figure out how to hold onto the bells for 10 minutes is a good place to start! 

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