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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pentathlon Meet 1/14

So I ended up going to this meet last minute.. Scott had signed up for and his goal was to break 2000. I was on the fence about going... it is about a 4.5 hour drive from my house... I decided mid week that I would go... I have been training but mostly light bells for general fitness... Nothing super hard... The last time/ first time I did the pentathlon, I was conservative... I scored in the high 1600's... So my hope was to better that..

Here is the what really happened to me... I cleaned the 32kg for 6 minutes at 20 rpms... I have never done this and my hands reminded me that you cannot just jump into this and get r done.. I damaged my hands, but not on the surface...  Anyone that has had this happen to them will understand what I'm talking about... Your skin rips down deep at first.. then if you continue.... it get looser and looser until it heats up and tears on the surface... I have done this more times than I would like to admit... Once this happens, you are in trouble... SO on my next set of Long cycle press I used the 28kg and on the hand switches my skin let go first on my left side, then on my right side...  So I had to decide what I was going to do... I decided to drop down in bell size and get through the competition... Next event was the OAJ so that wasn't too bad on the hands, but I still had to switch, I slowed down and got 80 reps... the Half snatch was next, I decided to use the 20 to make sure I didn't do any more damage... then the push press I used the 24kg.. I ended up with a score of 1600.. not great not bad...
The main lesson I learned (again the hard way) was that if your hands are not conditioned for competition, you are looking for trouble....

Scott did break 2000 which is really really hard... Only Andy fitting has done it in competion. I know Charlie Fornelli has done it in training...  He did 36kg cleans 120 reps, 28 LCpress 60 reps, 32kg OAJ 120 reps, 28kg 1/2 snatch 108 reps, and 28kg push press 120 reps... it was a good time... 

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  1. Sorry about your hand, Chris. I hope it heals quickly. When I resumed GS lifting after my previous bout with tendinitis, all of my calluses had disappeared. So one of the biggest reasons I eased back into lifting (light weights AND low volume) was to recondition my hands. Because of all the running and hill walking I'd been doing, the hands took longer to recondition than the rest of me. Hand conditioning is an easy thing to overlook.